About the Arithmetic of Compassion 

Origins of the concept

As scholars interested in social and environmental issues in the modern world, we have increasingly focused on these issues of why human beings make "bad" or irrational decisions when faced with crucial ethical and practical questions. Decision Research is a nonprofit organization dedicated to understanding and coping with complex decision-making in the modern world. This project, Arithmetic of Compassion, arose from decades of study and experience in psychology and humanities fields, as an effort to better communicate research findings and expand the conversation. 

At the most basic level, we seek to understand how to communicate essential quantitative information without surrendering to numerical numbness. 

These ideas overlap multiple fields and disciplines. One of the early inspiring texts was the poem "Mr. Cogito Reads the Newspaper." 

Mr Cogito Reads the Newspaper.png

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"The Arithmetic of Compassion." Scott Slovic and Paul Slovic in The New York Times2015.