Climate Change Is Genocide for Island Nations

Our lifestyle is inadvertently causing the destruction of entire island nations. That is the message in Scott Slovic and Paul Slovic’s op-ed published in The Register-Guard. As the authors describe in their essay, nations such as the Solomon Islands are being forced to consider evacuating its entire population due to rising sea levels. Aggressive actions are required to save the destruction of communities like the Solomon Islands, yet we do not appreciate how great a threat climate change poses to these nations. Like other humanitarian crises such as mass atrocities and natural disasters, climate change is an issue where the psychological phenomena psychic numbing and prominence bias cause us to fail to appreciate the gravity of the threat we face and the effects our actions have on people in other parts of the world.

Read more in this free online article published by the Register-Guard.

The full citation to the op-ed is: Slovic, S., & and Slovic, P. (2016, July 31). Climate change is genocide for island nations. The Register-Guard, p. G4.